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Weight loss challenges

Our members have lost over 1000s of pounds and 100s of inches by following our simple six week nutrition and fitness plan.

Sonic Boom runs seasonal weight loss challenges where members track their weight and measurements across six weeks and the top 3 win cash prices. 



Lost 17lbs + 25 inches!


Lost 27lbs + 23 inches!



Lost 27lbs + 15 inches!

To find out when we are running our next weight loss challenge and to sign up for it, follow us on facebook or instagram.

 "I gained so much more than a cash prize. This was not like any other challenge I've been a part of. I lost some weight and even exceeded the goal that you gave me. I learned how to eat proper portions, drink more water, and how to make better food choices. I'm still working on getting more workouts in, but it's a work in progress. Thank you and all the other coaches for all your support and guidance throughout this challenge!"

- Mandy

Challenge Benefits


Custom nutrition plan

All participants of the weight loss challenge will receive a custom nutrition plan that they can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after the challenge.

Group classes

Members of the challenge have access to our kickboxing and strength and conditioning classes. Both are structured so that any level of fitness can be adapted to the workout. 

Accountability Group

Everyone in the challenge will be added to a facebook group where coaches will interact with everyone in a group setting. The open forum will allow everyone to share tips and recipes, as well as provide updates.

Access to OUR coaches

Our coaches will be available to assist you and thoroughly answer any questions you have with the same attention their personal training clients get.

Matt, Vito, and Steve are super motivating and encouraging in and out of the gym. I have done multiple weight loss challenges that the gym offers and throughout the whole entire challenge I would receive motivation, support, and tips to keep me on track! No matter what your size, age, gender or athletic level the coaches do a great job at adapting a movement or exercise to make it fit best for you!


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