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Success stories & Reviews

"There’s more than 20lbs lost between these two photos but what isn’t pictured is the confidence, mental toughness and overall happiness that came with this transformation."


I’ve been on a fitness journey since 2013 and there have been so many ups and downs. Right now I’m feeling stronger, more confident and the best about myself I honestly have in years. I’m really loving these results!

The left photos are from April 2020. I had stopped working out and just completely let myself get to a place where I was so unhappy with myself - physically and mentally.

I had stopped going to my favorite gym for a while and I honestly didn’t know the impact this place has on my entire life until I went back about 2 months after the photos on the left were taken.

I can’t ever say enough good things about Vito, Matt and Steve and Sonic Boom Fitness! We are truly one big, fun family who work hard and then occasionally sit in a circle and drink Michelobs on Friday nights and talk about pie and pizza. We are one big, weird ass crew of all different types of people of all different ages and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This challenge was just what I needed before the holidays and I am so proud of my results and everyone else’s! You guys all crushed it and inspire me daily.




Lost 17lbs + 25 inches!


Lost 27lbs + 23 inches!


Lost 27lbs + 15 inches!

I wasn’t in the best shape physically or mentally but I figured taking the free class wouldn’t hurt ...


Fast forward to today, I am down 37lbs, I’ve lost a ton of inches, and I am the strongest I have ever been with no plans on slowing down!

Between Strength & Conditioning and Kickboxing, every single coach has kicked my ass and pushed me to become a better version of myself.

I have met some of the most amazing and hard working people at Sonic Boom. They keep me motivated and helped me get to where I am today.

If you’re on the fence about trying a new gym with the new year coming up, come on out to Sonic Boom. You won’t regret it!


Nothing ever feels stagnant or redundant here. I constantly feel like I am being challenged and pushed to new limits. The coaches care about each of us as individuals and get excited for us when we perform well and beat our own PRs. The environment is fun and welcoming, and we all feel like one big family. If you are skeptical, just know that this gym is for anyone and everyone! They are able to scale the workouts for all different fitness levels, which makes it a great gym for just about anyone!


Sonic Boom is by far the best gym in Delco. I joined Boom back in May and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Being 19 my schedule is very hectic between being a full time college student and working 2 jobs, boom offers a variety of class times that work with everyone’s schedule. Not to mention everyone at the gym is so friendly especially the coaches.

Jason grateful I feel to belong to a gym like this one. The coaches are amazing. So supportive and good at what they do. You can tell they truly care and want you to see you succeed. I’ve learned so much about fitness and nutrition from them. I look forward to continue working with them and the other members of the gym. It is truly a judgment free zone where everyone wants you to win.


Losing weight was always my main focus and kept falling off the wagon when it didn’t happen until I came to Sonic Boom Fitness. The coaches and people that go here are incredible. They are the most supportive and encouraging group of people and I am so lucky to have every single one of them on my side. Once I stopped focusing on my weight loss and the coaches started pushing me to lift heavier and make myself uncomfortable, that’s when I started to see a difference in my mentality at the gym. So now, my main focus is getting stronger regardless of my weight.


Members are of all ages and fitness levels and it's really fostered this community of encouragement and support for each other. Not only are the workouts challenging but the coaches are all amazing and not only take the extra time to explain movements and ensure proper form but they push you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. They've also been a great resource for nutrition advice. I have gotten so strong since joining and they've lit the fire in me to continually keep raising the bar for myself.




Sonic Boom holds fitness challenges throughout the year to help motivate members to lose pounds and inches. Within a couple of weeks members have lost 10-20lbs or 4-8 inches from the waist through work and dedication. Our coaches keep them on track and are always available to answer all their questions.

Let us give you a free consultation to understand your goals and show you how we can get there together.

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