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Coach Steve Braun
Co-owner, NPTI Personal Training Certified, CPR Certified



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I got into weightlifting when I was just 11, mainly for football. I've been super active all my life, playing around three different sports at any given time. My favorite exercises are pull-ups and chin-ups.I can almost bench as much as I squat and can even get a bicep pump while doing legs. Besides all the strength training and conditioning work I do, I also train in Jiu-Jitsu three times a week. It's a real passion of mine. 

Creating the simplest ways to achieve a more meaningful life has also become a major passion for me. Master the basics of everything. A lot of the things you should be doing might not make you look cool on social media but they are well worth it.

Over the past few years, I've really gotten into cooking. If I had to choose one last meal it would be a juicy ribeye steak, a baked potato slathered in butter, and a glass of whole milk. If I wasn’t a trainer, I would probably just become a professional eater.


Coach Vito Russo
Co-owner, NPTI Personal Training Certified, Crossfit Level 1 Certified, CPR Certified



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About vito 

I have enjoyed fitness from a young age . I enjoyed playing multiple sports growing up and enjoyed the team aspect and working hard. High school is when I found the gym and I loved going to the gym and how I felt after every session . I joined an amazing gym in my earlier 20s that had a great family and community vibe and I knew I wanted to make this my life . From there you could say the rest is history started in a park for a couple years then got to the building we train in today! I love the family community are gym provides.


I enjoy training anyone that is willing to put in the work and consistency over time and understands everyday is an important day that helps you get one step closer to your goal and it doesn't happen over night .


I try to be very relatable, fun and positive to my clients as I know what my day one was like and how I felt when I started my fitness journey. If you can build a persons confidence they can do amazing things In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends , jiu jitsu , comedy shows and concerts , watching nfl football Especially the Steelers let me down every week !

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