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Explosive kickboxing and cardio classes

You can't get anything like our kickboxing classes at another gym, that's probably why they've been voted Best of Delco for multiple years. Our kickboxing coaches use a combination of bag work, shadow boxing, and pad sparring to get you comfortable with and develop your striking.

Classes are often more than strikes however. Don't be surprised if burpees, kettlebells, jumping jacks, core work, or other cardio-centric movements find their way into your workout. Just like our strength & conditioning classes, each day is a new workout and our coaches are able to adapt any part of the workout to accommodate your level of comfort.  

Take it to the next level with impact wraps

Track your progress on the bag ! See how hard your hitting and how many punches your throwing in class! Using the Impact wrap system is not required but is a great way to gauge your workout and growth. 

Ask us questions or set-up time to stop by and try a free class!

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