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Starts Oct 1st thru Nov 19 

Join our fall fitness challenge

Join us starting October 1st and you’ll be three months ahead of everyone waiting for a new year to start on their health and fitness goals. For the first time in Sonic Boom history, winners will not be judged on weight loss, but on comparison photos taken at Sonic Boom.

Challenge Benefits


Upon joining, all challenge members will be invited into a private facebook group where you'll receive:

Meal Plans

Weekly Nutrition Goals

Access to Sonic Boom’s Coaching Staff

Chance to Win Cash ($500 for first place)

Weekly Habit Goals


Network of Accountability and Support

You can choose from any of the 38 class times offered each week.

Sign in each session through the Wodify App. 


During the first week of the challenge (Oct. 1 - Oct. 8) participants can come in to get their picture taken for official entry. 


There will be a halfway check-in photo taken the last weekend in October for a chance to win $250 for the participant showing the most progress. (Final pictures will be taken November 16 - November 19).


Before and after pictures will then be reviewed by coaching staff and a first, second and third place winner will be chosen for both men and women.

Entry fee

Sonic Boom Members

Enter the Challenge for just $50.

Refer a non-member friend or family member and entry fee will be waived for the Sonic Boom member.


Don’t want to commit to a membership? No problem. A one-time challenge fee of $350 will grant you access to unlimited classes for two months and all challenge perks.

Incoming Members

Commit to Sonic Boom for the next 3 months* (starting Oct.1 through December 31, 2023) and gain free entry into the challenge.

*By signing up for this promotion, you agree to a minimum of three monthly auto-payments. Only available to new, incoming members.

Sign up now!

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"I walked into Sonic Boom 7 years ago at 310+lbs. there were people doing chin ups, pull ups and gymnastic stuff on the rings hanging from the ceiling....I was turning around to walk back out to my car when the coach at the time stopped me from leaving. I was very intimidated, nervous, slightly older than most, anxiety filled and clearly fat. I was healthy otherwise. I wasn't new to working out, just new to that particular workout. After a few months of classes off and on, and a million excuses on why I couldn't come back for weeks at a time, I decided to take advantage of personal training. That was the best decision I made! I worked with Coach Vito who coached me with form, diet tips, and helped me become more dedicated to my health/ weighloss journey and less intimidated to come to class. The members have always been welcoming and helpful. They are the best cheerleaders and motivators along with the coaches.

I can't thank my Sonic boom community enough. They have given me the tools, motivation, tips and Confidence that i needed to get to where I am now. While I'm proud of my 140lb weight loss I am MOST proud of the muscle I gained. Had I made it back to my car that first day when I was in fight or flight mode, I probably wouldn't be where i am today with my accomplishment. Thank you Vito and Steve, and to all the members of sonic boom



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